HALA ALGHARBAWI is a contemporary, ready-to-wear womenswear brand that combines Eastern and Western cultures with an adventurous blend of asymmetrical cuts, innovative textures, and opulent embellishments.

HALA ALGHARBAWI’s mission is to redefine beauty standards and pare down traditionalism; it values freedom of expressing and finding oneself.

HALA ALGHARBAWI promotes looking past cultural differences, and believes in a world where diversity is inspiring and beautiful. The brand aims to make its female customers stand out, feel empowered, and become unforgettable with its couture.

HALA ALGHARBAWI prides itself on being fast to translate its customers’ fantasies into wearable reality. Each collection conveys a new inspiration and meaning, and pays tribute to handmade work as well as its precision.

The high-end collections are produced in limited quantities (or are custom-made) and are, therefore, regarded as collectors’ items.


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